Vice Principal

  • Vatsalya International stands for stature, stability and its commitment to discipline. We also ceaselessly strive to keep abreast with changing times to be able to create an environment at school that nurtures all the faculties of our children: social, physical, intellectual and emotional. We like our children to feel safe and secure and that every one of them is special.

    We should not judge a book by the cover and a child from his report card. Upholding this belief we specially try to nurture those who fall a little behind. The ever caring and protective hands of the mentors are the guiding beacons for our next generations who aptly show the path towards a better tomorrow. We at Vatsalya are committed for nation building and in this endeavour I am thankful to all dear students, teachers, management, and parents for joining hands in this pious venture.


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    • Vatsalya International School
    • Near Anand Chowkdi, Dharmraj Road
    • Borsad-388540 District: Anand
    • Gujarat-INDIA