Training Session


Vatsalya provides for a high quality initial teacher training within a Teaching School framework scheme, which prepares teachers to meet with the Professional Standards for Qualified Teacher Status by ensuring they

  • Have a consistent quality experience based on exposure to multiple practices
  • Are capable of delivering consistently good in the classrooms
  • Experience a program that supports and encourages them to excel and offers future leadership possibilities
  • Have a holistic understanding of the operation of the school as an organisation and their role within it
  • Are competent in the performance of all other duties required by the school
S.No Date Resource Person Topic
1 05/07/2014 Mr. Saurav Sinha Changing Role of Technology in Modern Education
2 02/08/2014 Mr. Pratik Desai Planning & Organisation
3 06/09/2014 Mr. Manoj Khapre Adopting Empathy
4 04/10/2014 Ms. Richa Singh Classroom A Small Society
5 13/12/2014 Mrs. Selva Jayasekar Multiple Intelligence
6 17/01/2015 Mr. Tushar Patil Unveiling Leadership Skills & Team Building
7 21/02/2015 Mr. Shantadip Bhowmik Effective Communication in Class


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