Maths Quiz

22-12 2022

Maths quiz is a brief assessment used in education to measure growth in knowledge , abilities , and skills. It helps to enhance the interest in the students towards the subject and also creates a conductive environment to work in groups outside the classroom.
“ MATHEMATICS is not about numbers , equations , computations and algorithms : it is about UNDERSTANDING” William Paul Thurston.
A little competition can inspire maths students to greater achievement. It challenges students to use their maths skills in new and creative ways. It also provides a challenging and engaging mathematical experience [that] is both competitive and educational.
As a part of extended learning Maths Quiz was conducted in our school on 22/12/2022. Students of all 4 houses from Class 4th to Class 9th participated in the Quiz. The Main objective of the quiz was to encourage children to look beyond their textual knowledge and relieve the tension of their daily work routine. Children had a good team spirit wherein “small to big” all students were busy and giving tough fight to make their team win.
Experience says learning mathematics can be made easier and enjoyable if our curriculum includes mathematical activities and games. Maths Quiz encourages , attracts, alerts and brings in an open-minded attitude among youngsters which helps them to develop clarity in their thinking.

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