8, Feb 2020

The highlight of any school for its students is always to include field trips. As a part of an educational tour the students of Class IX were taken to Kutch to give a peek-a-boo into the rich, ancient culture of the city. They were taken to the Vijay Vilas Palace followed by the majestic Jain Temple. The students were also taken to the India Bridge Check Post from where the Indo-Pak border is 80kms away. On the second day they were taken to Nirona Village where the world famous Rogan Art originates. At Gandhinugam they got a glimpse of the handicraft and wooden craft work and a way of lifestyle of the villagers. The much awaited Rann of Kutch was visited in the afternoon where students roistered over the vast white desert. The students were thrilled as they were taken to the shopping stalls in the Rann. The Pragmahal, Aaina Mahal and the museum was also in the itenarary. They came back with a memory to cherish forever.

Mrs Lima Rabha
TGT - English

A trip to Majestic beauty-Bakore

8, Feb 2020

“Classroom is not the only place for learning; nature is the best classroom where we can learn many things”. Vatsalya doesn’t miss any opportunity to encourage the students to learn from nature. Students of class VII had a trip to Bakore, a beautiful village, situated in Mahisagar District of Gujarat, located close to Rajasthan Border. The trip was for 3 days from 1st January, which made an excellent beginning of the year. On the first day students visited a lake in the forest which is the home for many exotic birds like Pied kingfisher, Greater Coucal, little Cormorant and some Parakeets. On the second day students enjoyed the view of the spectacular Adadari waterfall amidst the Aravali hills, which has marked a venturesome experience. On the final day of the tour students visited the Kaleshwari temple, Mother-in-law step well and Daughter-in-law step well which are famous heritage sites. Apart from adventure and enjoyment, students also learned to adjust with the situation and respect nature. Spending time with nature increases the energy flow in the body, mind and soul, which helps to rejuvenate ourselves.

Mrs. Srividya Duvvuri

A Tribute to Dear Farmers

2, Jan 2020

“In winters or in summers farmers work till the job is done to feed the nation”.
23 rd December is observed as National Farmers’ day all across the country. We at Vatsalya utilize every such opportunity to ignite the young minds to recognition and respect for evryone. To mark this day’s advent the students of class VII performed an assembly activity on projecting the life of the farmer. They also brought forth through an enactment the various challenges they face in everyday life owing to natural disasters, debts, scanty harvest etc. which sometimes proves fatal to their lives. They were trained by Mr.Ramesh Kataria, Mrs. Shalvi Punjabi and Mrs. Srividya Duvvuri. Farmers are the food providers to the nation, so a small step to make the students aware of the struggle in farmer’s life today, may bring a change tomorrow. Farmers are the feeders of the nation, respect is their moral right.

Mrs. Srividya Duvvuri
Primary Teacher


2, Jan 2020

It is often said that the Heritage of the Past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the Future. While we shape the character of our future generation in the present, it becomes inevitable for us to acquaint them with knowledge of our rich past. One such step was to take students of Class VI on heritage tour on 19th to 21 December 2019. Children visited Lothal and Zenalead Wildlife Sanctuary, Salt Factory, Modera Sun Temple, Rani ki Vav.
Students offered their obeisance at the famous Swami Narayan Temple in Patan with their escort teachers. Thereafter they got ample opportunities to delve into our fascinating past with their visit to museum at Lothal. There they learnt about one of the oldest civilizations and the kind of organized life people of the remote times lived in the absence of technology. They saw the salt making process, mesmerizing beauty of the migratory birds and working of Solar Power Plant. The rural setup with people busy in their daily chores of dying fabric with the special tie and dye technique appealed to their interest more. The students apparently carried colourful shades of memory that is surely going to shape their future.



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