English Debate Competition

26, Apr 2016

ENGLISH DEBATE The inter house debate competition for the Juniors, Middle and Senior Secondary school (i.e. Std. VII to XII) was held on 16th April, 2016. The format of the debate was a bit different. The English department had also taken care of “Marshaling the Rebuttal Round” making it more interesting. The topics given were well thought of by the department where principal and vice principal also extended a helping hand. There were 3 groups with 2 participants from each house. The topics were as follows: Junior Class VII and VIII Children should do chores at home Middle Classes IX and X Fashion is our identity Senior Class XI and XII Online shopping is a good option The competition was adjudged by 3 judges. Mrs. Tezender, Mr. Osbone and Mr. Pawan. It was compiled by Mr. Rane, Mr. Sachin, Mr. Jayesh, Mrs. Shalvi, and Mrs. Srividya. This program was started with the lighting of the “Lamp of Knowledge” by principal sir. It was evident that the teams were well prepared and they used various skills like overstatement, definition, irony etc. to convince the audience. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions, body movement and gestures. All the four teams exhibited great oratorical skills. The competition was as expected laced with more nail biting moments and an intense face off. We aim big to achieve big. SPEAKERS ARE NOT BORN …………… THEY ARE MADE.

English Department


18, Apr 2016

REPORT ON RAM NAVMI AND SWAMINARAYAN JAYANTI School is a temple of learning. Learning not just to be successful in life but learning how to be successful with the presence of the Almighty in our day to day life. In order to imbibe the value of faith in our students, we at VIS celebrate festivals, bringing to mind the importance of the day. April 13th, we celebrated Ram Navmi and Swami Narayan Jayanti at the assembly. Mrs. Renoo Pandey our Hindi Facilitator prepared the students with an informative speech on the festival and a melodious song by a group of class 2 girls.


Orientation Programme of Class 1 for Parents

2, Apr 2016

Celebrate ending and preceed new beginnings. Gone the Sr. Kg. Graduation Day and stepped in the 2nd of April 2016, the Primary Section called for an “Orientation Programme”, for the parents of class 1 students. Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers, so it is very important for the parent body at large to know about the second school and second parent. It is often said “Look before you leap”. Thus, when one is taking a crucial step into something new, one should obtain the details of it. Hence, we at Vatsalya follow a transparent pattern of working, wherein, our parents get to know and understand our functioning for the betterment of the children we harbour. The topics taken by us were: a) Welcoming and Introduction – By Mrs. Ursula Serpes b) Functioning of The Primary – By Mrs. Rupa Verma c) Assessment Pattern – By Mrs. Suchira Bhaumik d) Parental Support – By Mrs. Nishat Ahmed e) Importance of Reading – By Mrs. Marshilla Parmar We had 60 delighted parents attending this orientation programme, looking forward to a better education for their little ones. Our heartfelt gratitude to each one of these lovely parents. We now look forward to a thriving and educative year, 2016 – 17 ahead.

HOD Primary Section


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